Practice Areas

Frontier Technologies and Digital Assets

New and revolutionary innovations, for example involving fintech, digital assets, and autonomous vehicles, elicit complex and unique legal questions and challenges. We collaborate with clients to quickly spot issues in emerging industries and craft solutions. Services include:

  • company formation and venture capital investments,
  • product development and protocol design,
  • data privacy and cybersecurity,
  • securities and commodities law compliance,
  • statutory and regulatory surveys,
  • software licensing and intellectual property,
  • litigation and enforcement defense, and
  • consumer protection.

Constitutional Law

Our firm provides analysis and advocacy about constitutional doctrine for non-profits, national civil rights organizations, and individuals. This practice area encompasses:

  • drafting and testing constitutional claims,
  • assessments of specific jurists and substantive trends, and
  • historical and empirical research.

Appellate Advocacy

Taking a case on appeal involves a particular set of strategic, stylistic, and procedural considerations. We can work with clients from start to finish to:

  • preserve appellate issues at the trial level,
  • draft dispositive motions,
  • brief and argue cases in the federal circuits,
  • identify amicus briefs, and
  • file petitions in the Supreme Court of the United States.